Welcome to Stromerzeuger Discount 

We buy and sell used steam turbines and second hand CHP generators from Germany.

High quality used gas turbines, used condensing steam turbines,

second hand backpressure steam turbines and second hand

natural gas and diesel gensets.


All the machines are dismantled and storaged 

in our warehouses in Bergisch Gladbach and Cologne.

Buy directly from the machinery owner - we only sell what we own.

No extra fees, no worries about payments by Stromerzeuger-Discount.


Kürtener Straße 13, D-51465 Bergisch Gladbach

managing director: Andre Kandlin

sales representative: Michael Jochmann

telefon: 0049 2202 2492256 

fax:       0049 2202 2492257

email: info@stromerzeuger-discount.de


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