Deutz TBG604BV16 natural gas 1000KWel engine dismantled. 

One dismantled and broken Deutz TBG604BV16 natural gas 1000 KWel engine for sale. 

Some minor parts like cylinder heads,

water pump and a few more are missing.

The Deutz engine its from 1991 with 

60.000 running hours for sale.

Engine cost 10.000€ 

Engine+generator cost 15.000€ FCA


type: TBG604BV16
running hours 70.000
yom: 1991
genset weight: ?
mesurements: L 5,30m * W 1,25m * H 2,40m
generator end: Piller
type: NKT 1400-4S
voltage: 400
powerrating: 1078 KVA
U/min 1500 r/min

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Deutz TBG (64MB ):


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