Nadrowski condensing            tandem steam turbine                  B5 S-5 (HP) + B7 S3 (LP) +TNB 400  for sale

One secand hand 2928 KW Nadrowski condensing tandem steam turbine                   from 1996 with 70.000 running hours                   in good running condition for sale.         Alternators with other voltages are available.

Air condenser costs extra.                               Price FCA in our Cologne warehouse.


Scope of Supply: 

the full turbine system,documents,

control panel,generator,gearing,

various valves and pumps. 

turbine: Nadrowski
type: B5S5+B7S3 + TNB400
el. power: 2928 KW
steam consumption: 15 to / h at 3043 KW el. output
steam inlet pressure: 42 bar abs
inlet steam temperature: 420°C
gear ratio: 4,8
manufactured: 1996
complete turbine weight: turbine 2500 kg + gearing 2000 kg +     generator 9300 kg =     13.800Kg
complete measurements: 8,06m L * 1,80m W * 2,10m H


Leroy Somer
type: LSA 54 VL11-4P
powerrating:  2500 KVA
volts: 6300 volts
Hz: 50 Hz
weight: 9300 Kg
price on request:  


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