3000 KW 20 bar condensing steam turbine KKK Siemens AFA 6 for sale.

One used 3 Megawatt KKK Siemens AFA 6 Da condensing steam turbine for sale.

The turbine has only 19200 running hours

after a major overhaul in 2005.

The turbine was reduced in power by Siemens from 4.4 MW down to 3 MW in 2005.


The scope of supply is absolutely complete: Turbine, Generator, water cooled vacuum condenser, canopy, panel boards for LV, the 10 KV-system and everything else.

The turbine with all its accessories fits in two trucks or two 40-ft-OT-containers.

Only the vacuum condenser
needs one extra flat rack.

Alternators with other voltages are

also available on request.

type: KKK Siemens AFA 6 Da
el. power: 3000 KW
generator end: Leroy Somer LSA 56 BL7-4P, 5200 KVA,       50 HZ, 10 KV
steam consumption: 23,1 t / h at 3 MW
steam inlet pressure: 21,5 bar gauge
exhaust steam pressure: 0,23 bar gauge
turning speed turbine/generator r/min: 11543 / 1500 r/min
inlet steam temperature: 275 °C
year of major overhaul: 2005
manufactured: 1997
running hours:  
weight: 25 tons
mesurements: 4,50m W * 8,80m L * 3,30m H
price on request  


vacuum Condenser, water cooled: Serck Como
type: CD 36/48 HSK 180- 1 fl. axial
th. power: 19490 KW
steam flow: max 32 t/h
condensing pressure: 0,23 bar gauge
cooling water flow: 1200 m³/h
heat exchanger surface: 274 m²