2046 KW AEG-Kanis G20

back pressure steam turbine. 

One used AEG Kanis G 20 back pressure steam turbine

from 1985 in good running condition. 

The steam inlet pressure of 14 bar can be increased up to 20 bar.

The alternator can also run on 6000 Volts instead if 5250 volts.

But on 6000 volts it only produces 2300 KVA.

Alternators with other voltages are also available on request. 

type: AEG-Kanis G20
el. power: 2046 KW
generator end:

AEG 2650 KVA, 5250 Volts,

50 Hz, cos phi 0,8

steam consumption: 40 to/h at full load
steam inlet pressure: 14 bar (up to 20 bar possible)
back pressure: 4,5 bar
inlet steam temperature: 320 °C
gear ratio: 8,04
manufactured: 1985
mesurements L 8,30m *H 3,00m  * W 4,20m 
price on request  


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