8250 KWel Allen H3-PO-800

condensing steam turbine package 10.180 KVA.

Price on request.

FCA in our warehouse D-Bergisch Gladbach.


Allen H3-PO-800 condensing steam turbine from 1999

with two condensers and the control pannels for sale.

Everything was dismantled and stored. 


Scope of supply: 

two condensers,control pannels,

pallets with valves and pumps,

two pallets of documents.

turbine: Allen
type: H3-PO-800
el. power: 8250 KW
running hours: time since new 70137 
steam consumption: 32 to/h at full load
steam inlet pressure: 43,4 bar 
inlet steam temperature: 458°C
gear ratio: 4,8
manufactured: 1999
turbine measurements: 4,80 m L * 3,10m W * 4,70m H
generator measurements: 4,30 m L * 3,30m W * 3,30m H
gear measurements: 5,50 m L * 2,40m W * 3,40m H


Praha Energo
type: CKD
powerrating:  10.180 KVA
volts:* 11.000 volts*
Hz: 50 Hz
weight turbine: 38.000 Kg
weight alternator: 33.000 Kg
weight main condenser: 24.000 Kg
weight dump condenser: 5.000 Kg
price on request:  


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